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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well, sorry for posting an old one, but anyways the spirit of the big gray-furry guy who invade our working places and homes should in a way be saluted. Merry Xmas to all of you fudgers!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Thank you Moonstrum for always such illustrating clarifications. He wrote this:

"Well, what i read is that, pan is a god -from which the word "panic" is derived, albeit i doubt all of the fauns are god pan, and indeed one of the main shapes that inspired the creature the church needs for the personification of its's somehow eerie, intriguing, fascinating .. the perfect lover!"

I indeed, wanted of course reflect the concept of "leisure" in both mythic and "religious" ways: the peasant is like making an offering to nature (or western god's nature) contributing to the fertility of the harvest, and that harvest is so abundant and kinda sumptuous that Pan is coming to "give him a break", in fact, like a "temptation" to leave his seeding work and offer his "extra-seed" to Pan. And in the process of creation theory (although I'm not a believer), god had a "break" in his 7th day (number associated with the devil), so "he" in a fact created the "spare time", the leisure, so the devil is god himself in his spare time.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


If there's a website that kept perseverance, survived from hurricanes and internet storms, and never gave up bringing lust and unstoppable hardons, that one is absolutely BUBBAFEET, managed so proudly by by S. "Boots" McGraw. Just hear it from himself:

"I like MEN. Not women. Not girls. Not boys. MEN. With hair on their faces and hair on their chests. Men who work hard with their hands. Men who get dirty and sweaty and whose boots and socks stink at the end of the day. REAL MEN."

I gotta say personally that he, although he's not into sex sites, his raunchy men seem always to be in a sexual teasing mood, but of course, it's not intentionally, and that's exactly what makes them more erotic than any "suggestive" porn star. Fortunately, I know there is a "still hidden" but growing public into hobos, hitchhikers and/or let's say, just random men (thank you "Boots" for the clarification), and this page is, if not the pioneer, one of the most truthful and proud about it ever.

So if the exposition above convinced you, go ahead and visit his site!

Monday, November 01, 2010


This is supposedly one of my tasks I am taking to school. Teacher asked us to work on a drawing of a person (the subject is Group Therapy in Clinical Psychology) but instead of working on a single guy or a guy and his "family", I am working on a peasant (the one with the shovel) as the working part of myself "struggling" with the playful, funny old faun (is it Pan?) trying to give the young peasant a break in his labour. Notice some kind of obsessiveness in the fruits (they're giant pieces, even the peas are kinda erotic and almost to explode inside from its sheath). Okay I am still working on it, I gotta go out dinner tonight... hugs to everyone!

Friday, October 29, 2010


He's too good to be even "sponsored" by me - his landscaping, mysterious portraits go beyond from some certain depicts of homoeroticism (always found in some 16th to 18th century painters, even with the philosophical atmosphere of the Pre-Raphaelites), anyways, the guy is an open book if you require to write to him. Get involved into his mythful world!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


3 brand NEWS! amd I'm being quick: first, once more to congratulate my beloved Mark Webber who is leading Formula 1 Championship with 202 points, YES! above Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel and Button, and there are only 3 races left, so please Mark, keep the force, you gotta win Japan, Korea and Brasil, at least one of them and one podium and you'll be the Champion, honey!!!
Second, Juan Martin Del Potro is returning to the tennis scene after a long injury absence, he gotta retake the fight in the ATP charts, because he fell from 5th to 10th to end up 30th. And of course, happy 22nd birthday, my heartthrob!!!
Third, I took a little time to restart my passionate work, I owe to work on something related to Buenos Aires, Argentina (the city of feet in the summertime) but I was actually inspired by some art from a new, talented artist showed to me, whose art is related to BUTT DOMINATION, he calls himself RumpSniffa and you gotta see his work: so since I ALSO feel attracted to male butts, I wanted to do my version of butt domination, of couse I've heard the term "butt-meister", where the bottom plays a "top role". It came to my mind, since all of you know I am married to men's feet, that my buttmeister would masturbate my buttsniffer's dick with buttmeister's gently feet. I've made two versions, but the first one (one in a frontal position) seemed that wasn't working as I wanted, so I erased it and worked again from a profile view. Since I didn't want to work on a fully-naked couple, I started trying some outfit for my attractive buttmeister, and after several tries, I ended up putting a beret on his head and a tight striped shirt, baring his furry chest to be seen. I didn't want him to be muscled, but neither wanted him to look "fashionable", I just wanted a regular guy from the seaside, so the final idea started to come by itself: I coverted my buttmeister to an Argentine guy: italian/irish mixed, slim, very hairy and with the sexy looking feet I used to find in Buenos Aires, the "Portegno" Man, so the accesories like the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, the Yerba Mate (the guy is sipping it from a gourd, traditional beverage widely drank in Argentina and Uruguay) and some names of famous "Barrios" (neighborhoods) in Buenos Aires (I forgot to put San Telmo, the official craddle of Tango, the national dance in Argentina). Well, since it's only in pencil, I need some smart suggestions about how to finish it. I hope you enjoy it, my best to everyone.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


La Curva del Diablo, 1996

Footjaw, 1995

Fuckin' Feet, 1996

Foot Barbeque with Cockheads in Bechamel

Antananarivo (Krazy Kar + Foot Sandwich)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Comission: Cachaco

"Cachaco" is a vulgar word for "recruit" or soldier in Peru. They are mostly people from the poorest parts of the land, specially the Amazon jungle, that are called to "serve the Country". There are some quarters in Lima, the city, where they became some kind of a sexual icon for the little gay crowd, and they join in a downtown bar called "The Little Jar". Gay nightlife in Lima is still like before American Stonewall, which it becomes kinda risky in every case.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Palanca Whoresale 4 (Drawings)

Look at these drawings, they're quickly going, take the chance. Sizes and prices at

Palanca Whoresale 3 (Drawings)

More drawings on sale. Sizes and prices at

Palanca Pieces Available (Updated Jan 17th, 2011)

More drawings on sale. Sizes and prices at

Palanca Whoresale (Drawings)

These pieces are on sale, the most WAY below its regular price. Sizes and prices at

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, not bad, but could be much better I guess, I'll work this out by hand-made colouring, I think that's my best. So I think I should send this to Mark Webber Official Page, hope they might like it, at least it's just a little sign that Mark has a devoted (in love) fan in Peru... please guys, I need some suggestions, whatever would be, would be...

Sunday, May 16, 2010


In only TWO GP Races (today he won in MONTECARLO), MARK WEBBER jumps from position 8 to be the ABSOLUTE LEADER of the current F1 championship... great Great GREAT!!!!

GO GO GO!!! He's the GREATEST, Red Bull made an extraordinary CHOICE of EXPERIENCE, LEADERSHIP, TALENT and, why not, BEAUTY in the Mark Webber persona... GO GO GO SHARKIE!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MARK WEBBER, Drawing in Progress

Mark Webber, 33, Australian F1 Racer for Team Red Bull, won the last F1 Race in Barcelona (Spain), and he's moved from undeserved position 8 up to number 4th on the Championship. It's his third race won in his carreer. I am preparing a drawing for him, or at least something that could be shown to his official website. I just made two unusual things for s F1 racer: to open the zipper and bare his feet. He's known in the F1 as "Fuckin' Beauty" and "Sexy Thing"...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My friend Jose created a blog with proud pictures of handsome, brown-skinned, succulent South American Native Men, Jose is from Mexico but I testify he loves peruvian guys to death, he's a vast knowledged person you should talk with and share experiences with (in ENGLISH and SPANISH, too), so if you are tired of the same and are looking for a different kind of skin and appeal, don't be afraid and FOLLOW his outstandingly sexy blog!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Something to keep yourselves busy for this Easter time...
Big Hugs!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Many people email me to congratulate on my drawings, but public is divided, there are some who like the first Palancas: more rough, "cartoonesque". Others prefer them more "academic", more "classic". There are some who like extra body hair and some others like them to be moderate. But there is a particular preference in those native-peruvians with their ethnic features and attitudes, and I was thinking that was (in a very beginning) the main reason for (re)creating my men, since gay illustrators were dominantly "anglo-esques".

I gotta say, as a common peruvian I am, that I absorbed the "europeist" standards of beauty, it can be viewed in my early erotic drawings, mostly due to my hometown's urban environmet, with many european-descent sportsmen who I used to see naked in a healthy club sauna. However, those healthy clubs with white customers always hired non-white workers, native peruvians coming from out of Lima, with strong "quechua" features, who easily befriended me because I have aimara features due to my paternal grandmother, so they took me as their "brother-in-blood". Even, they easily knew and accepted my homosexual preferences, and was with them that I experimented an open, frank, possessiveless, accomplice sex that I rarely or never had with an anglo or euro-like lover.

That distorted, retarded-like vision of a social/sexual embryo world changed when I went to Spain and enjoyed a crazy summer. That made me also think about a possible openly gay life in Peru, away of those standards of finding them only in gay ghettos: why not finding gay sex betwen workers in a workshop, a factory, a wholesale, between electric technicians, between trash recyclers, heavy bulk lifters in a pier, in overnighting security guards (guachimanes) and in the military and/or police schools (grumetes or cachacos)?

Of course, there are some people, including close friends who believe that true love will never be found in those outcast, "underrated" circles, even, they think the only way to get them is with some money to spare, they could be right or not, but some other people put peasants and hampons in the same sack (maybe due to their ridiculous fear of the non-white) to accuse these people who-are-not-like-them to be habitual blackmailers able to any atrocity or crime. Anyways fuck them, blackmailers exist all over the world, it's not my task of fingerpointing prostitution in Spain, where it's a sick habit to fingerpoint sex houses between themselves.
Back to the subject that actually concerns us, in the last years I kinda "left aside" those "vindictive" peruvian aesthetics because I simply wanted to return to my old hometown fetishes, just with the task of showing exotism in the non-exotic, to say it clearly: to show suggestive or in some way provokative non-white men nudity is kinda accepted in scientist circles of the National Geographics or art galleries/museums. If you try to do the same with white guys remarking their white features as fetishes, it might be taken as cheap or even offensive. My task is just to find the "why" on this, don't blame me. Men was, is and will always be my deepest subject of study...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Unique Valentine to Everyone!!!

Something wonderful happened in Argentina: Alex Freyre and José Maria di Bello got married in Ushuaia, the most southern city on Earth, and they marked a new step in gay rights in South America. They are fighting and defending many people's rights to lead this side of the planet to a better place to live, with respect and happiness. Please join them, they are able to hear from you and also give them a hand. My best wishes to everyone in Valentine!!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Estampas Porteñas (Buenos Aires Impressions) Part One

Beautiful men all over Buenos Aires, "from head to toe" in every aspect: they're handsome, tall, athletic and own beautiful feet. It's impossible to not gettin' a hardon... the first guy (the blond one) I just found him on the road crossing the freeway near the small location of Lujan, just when I was coming from my peruvian bus. "Every argentino might be a model", that's what I foolishly confessed to a relative who guested me in Great Buenos Aires, and that can be true, since all of their descent comes from Italy, Eastern Europe, Skandinavia and the Mid-East mixed, they have a really impressive type. The second one (the extreme-hairy chested guy) was maybe the best, he was some kind of a guard or a Cargo Inspector in the Bus Station of Retiro. If you have some little money to spend, buy your ticket NOW, February is the month of the Carnivals, I wish you luck!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Buenos Aires, Argentina, an amazing metropolis with the strongest contrasts, exciting places to go eat, party and do shopping, a rich history of massive euro/mid-eastern immigration who always fought for South America's freedom from Spanish Dominion in the past and now fighting for gay marriage and adoption, owns, apart from diversity and fun that cannot envy New York, Los Angeles or Barcelona, the most gorgeous, hot looking men on Earth with the sexiest, hottest feet I've ever seen. Buenos Aires have myths: Gardel and the Tango, Martin Fierro, Evita Peron, Che Guevara and Maradona (the living one), the Gaucho proud in their Yerba Mate (traditional tea drinking). Literature, arts, music and nightlife, everything a sophisticated traveller should find. However, majesty and glamour doesn't hide poorness and some urban chaos in the "Subte" (Metro subway) and you can find from regular, mid-class citizens passing thru construction workers to homelesses and bums, the sexiest faces with the sexiest feet, another city in the world will hardly replace. Now take a look and enjoy this ASADO (barbeque) of hot men and their sexy feet!!!