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Sunday, September 26, 2010


3 brand NEWS! amd I'm being quick: first, once more to congratulate my beloved Mark Webber who is leading Formula 1 Championship with 202 points, YES! above Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel and Button, and there are only 3 races left, so please Mark, keep the force, you gotta win Japan, Korea and Brasil, at least one of them and one podium and you'll be the Champion, honey!!!
Second, Juan Martin Del Potro is returning to the tennis scene after a long injury absence, he gotta retake the fight in the ATP charts, because he fell from 5th to 10th to end up 30th. And of course, happy 22nd birthday, my heartthrob!!!
Third, I took a little time to restart my passionate work, I owe to work on something related to Buenos Aires, Argentina (the city of feet in the summertime) but I was actually inspired by some art from a new, talented artist showed to me, whose art is related to BUTT DOMINATION, he calls himself RumpSniffa and you gotta see his work: so since I ALSO feel attracted to male butts, I wanted to do my version of butt domination, of couse I've heard the term "butt-meister", where the bottom plays a "top role". It came to my mind, since all of you know I am married to men's feet, that my buttmeister would masturbate my buttsniffer's dick with buttmeister's gently feet. I've made two versions, but the first one (one in a frontal position) seemed that wasn't working as I wanted, so I erased it and worked again from a profile view. Since I didn't want to work on a fully-naked couple, I started trying some outfit for my attractive buttmeister, and after several tries, I ended up putting a beret on his head and a tight striped shirt, baring his furry chest to be seen. I didn't want him to be muscled, but neither wanted him to look "fashionable", I just wanted a regular guy from the seaside, so the final idea started to come by itself: I coverted my buttmeister to an Argentine guy: italian/irish mixed, slim, very hairy and with the sexy looking feet I used to find in Buenos Aires, the "Portegno" Man, so the accesories like the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, the Yerba Mate (the guy is sipping it from a gourd, traditional beverage widely drank in Argentina and Uruguay) and some names of famous "Barrios" (neighborhoods) in Buenos Aires (I forgot to put San Telmo, the official craddle of Tango, the national dance in Argentina). Well, since it's only in pencil, I need some smart suggestions about how to finish it. I hope you enjoy it, my best to everyone.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


La Curva del Diablo, 1996

Footjaw, 1995

Fuckin' Feet, 1996

Foot Barbeque with Cockheads in Bechamel

Antananarivo (Krazy Kar + Foot Sandwich)