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Friday, July 31, 2009

COWBOY DREAMS - Prefab Sprout

One of my very favorite 80s bands is Prefab Sprout, this song is from 2007 but I gotta share it with you cowboy friends:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mark Webber (F1 Red Bull, Australian Hunk) is now Second in Formula Uno Championship!!!

This dear beauty is always my reason to sigh everytime I watch the F1 car racing on TV... perfect bod (wide, pyramidal back, narrow waist and stoodup butt), perfect face... and hot looking feet! He had an accident last year and was on rehabilitation to recover from his legs. Look at this beauty in a pool showing something of his beautiful smile... and feet! This last sunday he reached the third position on the Hungarian Circuit Race (Hungarnring) and left german racer Sebastian Vettel from 2nd to 3rd. If championship goes on, british leader Jenson Button will be just one step away and the aussie hunk will have a closer chance for the championship so, my faith in Markee is trusted...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Entangled Shapes of Feet, Veins, Olive Tree Roots, etc

I was always wondering, since English is not my mother tongue, how to express in words about qualifying adjectives for shapes in feet, in veins, the same as some "capricious" olive tree roots: freaky? funky? crazy? kooky, weird? I was trying Google translation with images related, and the closest result I found for this was the adjective "entangled" or "tangled", although in spanish it doesn't sound satisfactory to me, because it just means "twisted together in a confused mass". I rather like the expression "capricious shapes" but the adjective word in english seems to be applied for unmature female behavior, so I am even more confused. Would someone help me on this? To put an example, for this cowboy's "extreme arched" feet: is it vaild to say that he has capricious-shaped feet or what???

While editing "Tango" Video

"Tango" by the Gabinete Caligari, is a song dated from 1984. The Caligaris are my Spain's all-time favorite rock band, they don't have any video featured of this magnificent song because strangely it wasn't as popular as many many other themes they have. So I decided to pay a tribute to that song that, for me it's their very best. Basic, simple, gypsy, darkish, sexy, macho, as an old erotic image of a man from the past. Tango is not precisely in a tango but a milonga rhythm. It reminds me vintage classics like "The Green Leaves Of Summer" or "La Playa". I am still working on it. Hope you will like it when the video is ready.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wanna play?

This one was made for the last Football (Soccer) WorldCup in Germany. Maybe this one was the fastest selling drawing I've ever made. I am so proud of it that I almost never had the chance to show it to the world. This is not only about showing someone's hot looking pussy, this is about the incredible joy of life. Please enjoy it as I do.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I find attractive in feet... the size, the shape, the odors, the colors... the cuddliness???

Well in some cases size doesn't matter if the thing is to enjoy or being stimulated with someone or something of that someone or just something itself. In my case I look for variety the way I combine sweetness, saltiness and sourness in one dish with food. As I am focused on feet, I like the high arches because of the foot (and body) sprintness that makes toes more hammertoed, more individual and more geographic. I like roughness in the dark tanned instep while I like kinda softness, warmity, cuddly heat in the salmon pink/orange/reddish calloused sole. The example is in the featured drawing detail posted.

Classic from the past: Mutual Hispanic Sheerworship

Yeah both look very peruvian, two peruvian cholos licking each other's sheersocked feet: I guess the original is sold.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Palanca Featured in a Japanese Book

The book is called UNDERGROUND CULTURE FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD, it was released in 2007. There are also erotic artists like Michael Kirwan and Tagame, between others. However, the book as its title prays, is not only concerned in erotica but Underground Art itself. There are very interesting art links, music, books, and video art sites. I don0t know if this link still works, but give it a try:

The Woodcutter

Made last year, this one is a really hot one. Bald, sexy, hairy, young, tall, handsome, etc etc. I have two giant prints of above 7 feet tall for sale. Please contact Palanca at

Winkee The Sailor Man

This drawing was made in June, after I've been rescued from the hospital. My right hand is still not working well after that, but I made my efforts. This guy is really sexy, as you can see...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I am attached to tall men since the possibilities to find the kind of feet I like (high-arched, bunions, morton's toe, hammertoes, veins) are much higher in them. However, I got surprised on how the much shorter type in some few cases strangely match with the kind of feet I die for. Anyways I am a foot artist:
This page will be closed in October so I will try to post and move some of my info at: