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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I was about to spend my birthday number 41 and my PALANCA ART ANNIVERSARY number 15 in Argentina, but in a sudden my father had complications in his health. His kidneys don't work since 2001 and since he's getting dyalisis. I had to suspend my travel to stay with him and bring him all my support. Fortunately I count with the support of my relatives and friends, but I'm gonna need to pay the hospital and implements expenses. So if I can count on you, it would be helpful to get some donation or by buying some of my original artwork. I will be eternally grateful if you could bring me a hand. Thank you and I also appreciate the time I fell sick and got corresponded. Thank you again, thank you so much!!! My email is or .

Saturday, October 03, 2009

How Mr Leather Became my Cutest Puppy Hero

I certainly found lovely this picture, the way I am keeping it as my computer's wallpaper from around 3 months, maybe more. Someone mailed me a page I cannot remember now, with many profiles with pictures. There I found someone specially cute, and between his pictures I found this one with his dog. Besides, one of his pictures he was with a distinctive sash that says M. Cuir 2007 so I googled and found out he was Monsieur Cuir (Mr. Leather Montreal 2007). The site is from a photographer named Ryan Lee (http://www.photographs/ws/fusion2007.html ), but he doesn't feature this guy's name. I don't even know if M. Cuir took himself this photo, but in a fact I know its good vibes and tenderness surely worked for my hard-to-deal health recovering. I bless this guy and his dog for making me think that life is still beautiful and enjoyable.