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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

PELUQUITA (Bushy or "Wiggy")

I was in a pool yesterday, it is really crowded the most of the times. It's located in a slum part of the town, and many young guys join the place, since they would stay in that pool and enjoy water with their comrades rather than taking their girlfriends to the beach, which is relatively expensive. Some guys are really hot, but they are mostly a bit into drugs or vandalism. But I found this attractive, tall young and abs-marked guy with this particular bushy hair who
came with two guys much less in shape than him. He however, wasn't arrogant, even he seemed to be the "silly guy" from the three. For the two short, slightly ugly boys, he might be like their "girl". I couldn't resist to start a conversation with him. We dive together and he's fast, so I prophetized him to be a new Michael Phelps only if he proposed it for himself. Of couse he looked at me a bit like I was talking shit, but I am glad I left a little seed in his mind. He has a great body and he will be an athlete if he gets with the right people. It would be sad if he join, only to compare himself with other guys with great bodies too, but hangin' out with drugs.