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Friday, January 22, 2010


Buenos Aires, Argentina, an amazing metropolis with the strongest contrasts, exciting places to go eat, party and do shopping, a rich history of massive euro/mid-eastern immigration who always fought for South America's freedom from Spanish Dominion in the past and now fighting for gay marriage and adoption, owns, apart from diversity and fun that cannot envy New York, Los Angeles or Barcelona, the most gorgeous, hot looking men on Earth with the sexiest, hottest feet I've ever seen. Buenos Aires have myths: Gardel and the Tango, Martin Fierro, Evita Peron, Che Guevara and Maradona (the living one), the Gaucho proud in their Yerba Mate (traditional tea drinking). Literature, arts, music and nightlife, everything a sophisticated traveller should find. However, majesty and glamour doesn't hide poorness and some urban chaos in the "Subte" (Metro subway) and you can find from regular, mid-class citizens passing thru construction workers to homelesses and bums, the sexiest faces with the sexiest feet, another city in the world will hardly replace. Now take a look and enjoy this ASADO (barbeque) of hot men and their sexy feet!!!


sergiocba said...

You should visit Cordoba, Argentina's Mediterranean city, on your next trip!
Beautiful blog!

Palanca Feet said...

Yes, of course I will consider to visit Cordoba, the second Argentine city - I am planning to do it from Bolivia, February is the month of the Carnavales so I HOPE to travel then stop in Salta, Tucuman (a friend who was a famous erotic sculpturist was born there), Santiago del Estero if I can, and of course the riverside (Santa Fe, Rosario)... I knew from people that Cordoba is also amazing and very inviting people, and I also know the existance of a BEAR legion (bars, clubs, sauna) but tell me, will I find feet in their plazas too???