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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Estampas Porteñas (Buenos Aires Impressions) Part One

Beautiful men all over Buenos Aires, "from head to toe" in every aspect: they're handsome, tall, athletic and own beautiful feet. It's impossible to not gettin' a hardon... the first guy (the blond one) I just found him on the road crossing the freeway near the small location of Lujan, just when I was coming from my peruvian bus. "Every argentino might be a model", that's what I foolishly confessed to a relative who guested me in Great Buenos Aires, and that can be true, since all of their descent comes from Italy, Eastern Europe, Skandinavia and the Mid-East mixed, they have a really impressive type. The second one (the extreme-hairy chested guy) was maybe the best, he was some kind of a guard or a Cargo Inspector in the Bus Station of Retiro. If you have some little money to spend, buy your ticket NOW, February is the month of the Carnivals, I wish you luck!!!

1 comment:

pasadena said...

You had two steaming hot subjects but somehow your sketches are even hotter. You are a very talented artist that can somehow portray their very sensuality. I think it makes you even more sexy than they clearly are.

Keep at it. Print them?