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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Comission: Cachaco

"Cachaco" is a vulgar word for "recruit" or soldier in Peru. They are mostly people from the poorest parts of the land, specially the Amazon jungle, that are called to "serve the Country". There are some quarters in Lima, the city, where they became some kind of a sexual icon for the little gay crowd, and they join in a downtown bar called "The Little Jar". Gay nightlife in Lima is still like before American Stonewall, which it becomes kinda risky in every case.


W. said...

An attractive illustration. The line is sensual and soft. It touches me.

Belasco said...

Hey Palanca,
Love this one...its very beautiful. Will you be attending the Tom of Finland Erotic Art Fair by any chance?


Anonymous said...

mmm..he looks very sexy