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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MARK WEBBER, Drawing in Progress

Mark Webber, 33, Australian F1 Racer for Team Red Bull, won the last F1 Race in Barcelona (Spain), and he's moved from undeserved position 8 up to number 4th on the Championship. It's his third race won in his carreer. I am preparing a drawing for him, or at least something that could be shown to his official website. I just made two unusual things for s F1 racer: to open the zipper and bare his feet. He's known in the F1 as "Fuckin' Beauty" and "Sexy Thing"...


Palanca Feet said...

Dear Randy,
Thanks for the Mark Webber barefoot photos, of course I knew about them, although there are not enough of his bare feet on the web. I like the one from the pool, it could be much better if I can get some soles view. I have many pics of his face, but many of them are not that good like the way he looks on tv. Something else I die for is his butt, he has the sexiest butt of the Formula One (Alonso has ugly flat butt). Anything else about Mark? I think he's gay, or at leats there is something that makes me think that Webber has some crush on Lewis Hamilton (Hamilton always seemed very nice to me, although he's too sweet and young for thinking of him in erotic terms), also I found some picture of Mark embracing his personal trainer/masseur (or viceversa) while riding a motorcycle. Mark is married to an old, unattractive woman and I guess they don't have children, when he speaks about his personal life he only mentions his dog, his sofa, his chocolates and his tv.

moonstrum said...

well .. everything is in the right place w/this ripe gal ..