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Saturday, November 27, 2010


If there's a website that kept perseverance, survived from hurricanes and internet storms, and never gave up bringing lust and unstoppable hardons, that one is absolutely BUBBAFEET, managed so proudly by by S. "Boots" McGraw. Just hear it from himself:

"I like MEN. Not women. Not girls. Not boys. MEN. With hair on their faces and hair on their chests. Men who work hard with their hands. Men who get dirty and sweaty and whose boots and socks stink at the end of the day. REAL MEN."

I gotta say personally that he, although he's not into sex sites, his raunchy men seem always to be in a sexual teasing mood, but of course, it's not intentionally, and that's exactly what makes them more erotic than any "suggestive" porn star. Fortunately, I know there is a "still hidden" but growing public into hobos, hitchhikers and/or let's say, just random men (thank you "Boots" for the clarification), and this page is, if not the pioneer, one of the most truthful and proud about it ever.

So if the exposition above convinced you, go ahead and visit his site!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let y'all know that only some of the men on bubbafeet are hobos/bums. Some are my friends with homes and jobs. And some are just random men I have met. --- S. "Boots" McGraw

Palanca Feet said...

Dear S. Boots McGraw,
Sorry for my uncomplete information, of course I know about your friends with homes and jobs. I think I should get punished and/or tickled by you, but, in a fact, your men are the most amazingly authentic and masculine ever found on the web. Thank you for all these years of raw pleasure to my eyes and hand!!!
Pedro Palanca

Anonymous said...

Love the site but some are now gone and others have improved., excellent site! is gone.
Palancha as a website can no longer be found.
With all of the pay sites I have no idea of what to expect.
But this is here and good as ever, Thank you.

Anonymous said..., it's a fantastic website, with mature, attractive men and her beautiful feet and soles. I am one of hundreds of fans who don't like, nor interested in the youngsters, and always check to see if it has put new pictures. It is a pleasure that there is a website like that.
A greeting to S. "boots" Mcgraw if you ever read this. Dani

Anonymous said... started in 1999.

The original mature man feet fetish site. And still rolling!

Anonymous said...

BUBBAFEET is no longer working, plz mr. 'boots' fix it if you're still alive