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Saturday, March 02, 2013


Arpad Miklos (aka Peter Kozma, hungarian) isn't dead. He's still alive. He just came, made us happy and then he just left. I remember I first "met" him in a JT Stockroom catalog and immediately fell in love with his feet. His feet were great, yes, with too much personality.
I was amazed I found a hot-looking guy with a great muscular body and the greatest looking feet, at least in the leather/bondage scene. Years later his presence in porn and internet pages became habitual: even being the star guest of Jake Cruise, destroying the myth of the unreachable superpornstar. He had a strong charisma in those latin eyes, dark-tanned skin, massive macho body and his always friendly smirk.
I always had the impression of watching in him a big brother or the older cousin who secretly used to play nasty games with us. Maybe that complicity is what made of Arpad an icon in gay porn culture. Viva Arpad!


Palanca Feet said...

I found out an interview some bloggers made to him in 2009, worth the reading!:

andy said...

Thanks a lot for the interwiew link, Palanca.
I once emailed Arpad, a few years ago, just to tell him he had the most beautiful smile I ever seen and asked him to always smile like that !
He replied to my email, thanking me warmly and saying : "I'd like to smile much, but sometimes the director of the movie doesn't want me to !"
What a great answer it was. Arpad, I really miss you :(

Anonymous said...

LOLLLLLLLL! He's dead!! the depressed meth head is DEAD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He was so nasty and rude to me. He was Escorting in NYC. I reached him through his website. I asked a question about his feet and he got so nasty.
That was enough for me. The guy had issues!!!!!!