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Sunday, March 10, 2013

PALANCA OLDIES IN WAY-OLD MYSPACE (Drawings and Tom Of Finland Art Fair 2007)

Manolin, a project in 2007:

"Sailor", my first drawing after health collapse, 2009:

Seated Guy

Chris Maher in Palanca booth:

Some lucky huuuge soles:

Rober Clarke's red fantasies

Drub with ArtDaddy

The unbeatable Michael Kirwan

 Hector Silva admiring Lalo Ugalde's art

 Some special foot to eat


Drub said...

Oh wow! Great shots! I should have let you take off my boots. ;)

RuboART said...

Woouu pedro, es fantástico tu arte,¿ ves como deberías y podrias hacer un comic en tu mundo barruntero?

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