Thursday, October 03, 2013


I was a close friend of Bud Larsen, how sad I am! He passed away some months ago. He was some of the finest erotic artist, and the greatest, kindest friend. I met him at the Bobby Cook Erotic Art Fair in 2002. We had fun in the post-fair party, he was wearing a flowered shirt. We exchanged some regular mails, I still keep 3 letters of him with unvaluable illustrations. Years later he moved from Phoenix to Superior, and there were hot adventures he enthusiastically shared with me in his letters. My visions of him is that he's got some healthy lust for life... lust for love, and it was reflected in his words and vivid, energic drawings. At Bobby’s I remember he showed me some of the finest pieces I’ve seen in an erotic art fair. I scanned some of his drawings between his letters here, at least to candlelight with a little hommage to his precious talent. Stay proud and tall wherever you are, Bud. Love you.


David Mason said...

great illustrations, sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

your "art" has not evolved in years, everything remains the same or more properly, everytthing is the same old shit
when will you pass away? i am sure wont take that long

Anonymous said...

Veo que tienes enemigos, gente que te odia (ya me di cuenta que no soy excepción) y, hace rato según veo que no publicas... ¿en verdad tu enfermedad ya te fulminó?

gran pérdida para tu familia (si es que les importa)

saludos mexicanos (Zavala)

HdeLuxe said...

Great Job !!!

dale wittig said...

It's ironic that Pedro's last post on this blog would be in memoriam for his friend, Bud Larsen, and that some gutlessly anonymous comment would be left standing (at least it received a proper response from one of his friends.) As I write this, Pedro has been dead for a few days now. His art, silly and grotesque as it could be, did develop over the years and though he wasn't well enough to do much of it lately, he left a sizable body of work that will be viewed with great pleasure by anyone capable of appreciating the art of drawing. I don't share his devotion to the male foot, but I do share his devotion to passion, which comes through very bravely in his work.

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Anti_dev said...

I miss your art. It's still so strange to see the work stop coming from someone as prolific as you. Death is probably the only thing that ever could have stopped you from creating.

As one gay foot artist to another, I have a lot of respect for you, even though I still don't really "get" all of your art. I won't forget you.