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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Today I'm in my 2nd day Job Application. I approved my interview, but now (since I've had many job experiences) they will ask me, in between, to draw A PERSON, then A PERSON FROM THE OPPOSITE SEX. For me, I guess also for many of you too, WOMEN are NOT OUR "opposite sex" since we are not BEHIND THEM for a sexual intercourse, or to "make a family" with one of them. So, I mentally graphiqued my sexual opposite and, in the first case, my muscular Alter Ego. What if I do this... will they reject my job rights only for being homosexual? Do I need to sexually intercourse with the clients to sell stuff??? Every comment will be welcome


Anonymous said...

Palanca "sex" also means gender. Women are indeed men's opposite sex/gender.
So, yes they could reject you because they might think you can't tell the difference between a man an a woman.

you are damn awesome at drawing by the way.

Palanca Feet said...

Ralf König sometime wrote, throught his "Der Bewegte Mann" character Norbert Brommer, "Frauen sind für mich im Grunde kleine, grüne Männchen" (women are for me, in fact, little green people). My test was yesterday and the drawing was "to draw a human figure down the rain, and tell a short story about it". Seems that the gender thing is finally obsolete, it doesn't matter if you draw a man or a woman or to be identified with one of them. The main reason for them is, how you deal with a problem, if you consider it a problem or not (I drew a man with a hat and a raincoat and an umbrella and wasn't sincere since I wrote in my story "it was a SUDDEN RAIN, fortunately I brought my raincoat, my umbrella and I'm bringing my cellphone -thing that I almost never do- for not getting late to my appointment". A most "positive-thinking" person might draw someone with some buckets trying to store some rain water, considering that the global heating and glaciar meltings, that water will be scarce in the future. Anyways, I drew my man with big feet, and I approved my test!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Good Luck On The Job.