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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Chris Meloni <3 <3 <3
 Some hotties from Israel, thanks to the smart-eye of my frind Alan Miller:

 Wonder in Long-Johns:
 Greek Oil Wrestling coach and his... son?
 A teasing papi
 and Lawrence Dallaglio, for me the most handsome man alive:


Dwight Supremacy said...

GRRRR! So sexy!

timldn said...

Agree with all those and as for Lawrence Dallaglio, one of the nicest men alive as well.

Palanca Feet said...

Thanks Dwight and Tim for the comments. Of course if my "action field" is not restricted to "balding" men, they are subjects that make me always sigh***

Anonymous said...

u r an old fart, u hardly have new ideas, ur conception of homosexuality is selfish and limited to the stuff you appreciate, u discriminate lots o men, u r a coward & childish fag, u r always complaining u r a victim of evrybody in ur wild Peru but u cant c urself how u do thangs 2 b hated, u don0t grow, u r stuck in feet & mature old farts like u but u r worthless with no friends &&& ur 2 fuckin old now

Palanca Feet said...

Yes, coward Anonymous: I am fuckin old now but proud and smart enough to start a new carreer sharing classroom with many young twinks you surely wish to have and you sure never keep. My concept of homosexuality is not selfish since there are fortunately lots of men like me who share my tastes, so if I discriminate, yes, that's my business, every artist does since you don't get any idea of what really discrimination is- and I won't grow up, that's true, and I am surely worthless with no friends too - are you so damn scary of getting old? get some life!

Anonymous said...

a phat whale like u likes twinks??? u r so instedy & muddy u hardly sell ur shit and no mor apreciated nomore

u ranway of frends cus u r weeping vih pos & inloyal

Palanca Feet said...

HAHAAA I guess I know what you are talking about... everything but two things are true: I don't like twinks at all (and I shouldn't feel sorry for that, there are many hot gentlemen that still recreate my eyes)... and about "loyalty"... to what? I've never been loyal to nothing in the world, maybe that's what bothers you about me, or you mean to people? I guess I owe you a drawing... I actually owe many many drawings to many people and I blame myself for that: I am lazy, selfish, petit bougeois maybe because my lack of self-esteem but who cares? I bet if I were the hottest guy in the world I'd keep being lazy and selfish and very burgeois too, so from that side is not my problem! OK I owe you a drawing but gimme time, I committed a mistake of studying a carreer I shouldn't follow. Maybe I need some drugs to get some inspiration, because life in Peru is so fucking compensed but it's no life either. You win. I'll consider this. Bye.

Aprendersexogay said...

Que buenos machos!!!