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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Jay Bone Classic Needs to be Honoured with a Palanca Version!!!

Some days ago I found an amazing drawing made by artist Jay Bone, of a handsome blond guy wearing an open hood showing his furry chest. I was so impacted that I felt the need to work on my own version of this. I almost do him exactly as the original, only I added him legs and feet. Hope Jay don't get mad at me for doing this, I put his credits in my sign, so I'm not stealing his work. This is only a computer coloured sample. I need to work on a truly coloured piece, after leaving all that stuff I have pendant. Cheers to all talented artists like Jay Bone, his blogsite is
Suggestion: To have a better, closer look, save the picture or open picture's link to a new window...

1 comment:

j. said...

Oh, Palanca! You honor me with your drawing. I love it! You draw such delicious, swirly chest hair.

Thank you!

xo J.Bone