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Sunday, August 02, 2009


Ha ha ha, this is one promo video of my artwork, where I inserted the music of one of my very favorite alternative rock bands from Washington State: BEAT HAPPENING. The singer's name (and composer and leader of the band) is Calvin Johnson, he is now following a soloist carreer, he's kinda anti-mainstream music guru, but that's why I like him even more. He even is hot looking too, tall, brute, cocky, or at least when he was handling the band. Anyways, this is also a little hommage for him, although I am not sure if he might like or hate my drawings' setup in his music. Please I need your comments, in youtube users I got some approval, one of the comments was "it's very gay, but in a good way". Yes, that comment left me doublethinking. So guys, enjoy the video!!!

Here's another extraordinary song from the band, not my video but worth a look to see Calvin ain all his seductive potential:


smokehole said...

I dig the vid you've made to beat happening... I have it up on my blog ;) hope ya make some more.

Palanca Feet said...

Thank you, I'm gonna check out your blog... or wait a second, I was checking it already yesterday!!! your blog is hot, I was commenting (I guess) in some of the postings...